English Language Arts & Reading

Welcome to the English Language Arts & Reading Department at Surprise Lake Middle School.  This webpage is designed to provide an overview of the English Language Arts & Reading curriculumas well as hosting information on grading policies and contact information for department staff.
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Department Staff

Mrs. Janell Brown
7th Grade Language Arts
E-Mail: jbrown@fifeschools.com | Room 223

Ms. Jennifer Covey
6th Grade Reading & 7th Grade Reading
E-Mail: jcovey@fifeschools.com | Room 224

Ms. Kelcie Fingarson
7th Grade Language Arts
E-Mail: kfingarson@fifeschools.com | Website | Room 118

Brittany Kealy
6th Grade Reading
E-Mail: bkealy@fifeschools.com | Room 117

Diana McKenna
6th Grade Language Arts
E-Mail: dmckenna@fifeschools.com | Room 102

Malia Oshiro
7th Grade Reading
E-Mail: moshiro@fifeschools.com | Room 119

Deborah Reece
Language Arts & Reading for English Language Learners
E-Mail: dreece@fifeschools.com | Room 126

Marette Satterlee
6th Grade Lang. Arts & Reading / 7th Grade Lang. Arts & Reading
E-Mail: msatterlee@fifeschools.com | Room 125