About Our School

Mr. Mark Beddes, Principal (E-Mail)
Mrs. Megan Gallwas, Assistant Principal (E-Mail)

Mailing Address:
Surprise Lake Middle School
2001 Milton Way
Milton, Washington 98354

Contact Telephone Numbers:
Main Office: 253-517-1300
Main Office Fax: 253-517-1305
Attendance Office / Saber Center: 253-517-1310
Counseling Office: 253-517-1320

Office Hours: 
7:45am to 3:15pm, Monday through Friday on normal school days

For issues involving the following areas, please contact the listed person.
Activities, ASB Leadership, Calendars, Social Media, and Website: Robert Kratzig, ASB Advisor (E-Mail)
Attendance and Registration: Sher Greer, Attendance Secretary & Registrar (E-Mail)
Counseling and Student + Family Support, Scheduling: Cameron Rector, Counselor (E-Mail)
Discipline and Academic Performance: Megan Gallwas, Assistant Principal (E-Mail)
Fines and Purchases: Kari Gray, Office Manager (E-Mail)
Health and Nursing: Jennifer Abelson, Nurse (E-Mail)
Sports and Athletics: Al Darneille, Athletic Director (E-Mail)